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Our typical boarding house, is located in the old quarter of La Pobla de Segur, a strategic base to enjoy the Pyrenees

Feel the past and the traditions of the Pallars region through the different rooms and places of our boarding house

Kind and personal treatment, in a warm atmosphere. Excellent value for money

Can Fasersia’s secret

A boarding house that is deeply rooted in its land...

CAN FASERSIA is more than a boarding house. Its walls and rooms can make you feel the traditions of La Pobla de Segur and its surroundings.

Every level of the building expresses a part of the story of this Pyrenean spot: WE’RE FARMERS, WE’RE TORCH-BEARERS, WE’RE RAFTERS AND WE’RE FROM THE PALLARS.

We’re farmers
Cows, sheep and, especially, mules –in the past– have been giving life to the landscapes of the Pallars region for years. Its villages used to host the most important cattle fairs in the Iberian Peninsula. The only memory the visitor can find in his mind are the flocks and herds grazing in the green meadows of the Pyrenees.

We’re torch-bearers
June 17th in the afternoon. Red wide belt, white skirt and jeans on. The young men from La Pobla are getting ready to climb up the Santa Magdalena mountain. When the darkness comes, they will descend down to the town, drawing a firing snake with the torches they have made a few days before, illuminating the way. The young ladies, wearing the typical Catalan dress, are waiting for them at the foot of the mountain with sweet wine, coca (local pastry) and flowers. They all remind the times when the summer solstice was celebrated, that is the time of harvest in the fields and of the hunt of the Evil spirits.

We’re rafters
The redorta, a word that is part of the local language, is a young branch of birch that has been soaked in water and then twisted so that it becomes flexible and as strong as a rope. In the old days, the young men from La Pobla de Segur used them to tie up the rafts, which once were the economic driving force behind the area. Nowadays, this ancient profession is reminded through a huge celebration: The Diada dels Raiers (Rafter’s Day). During the first weekend of July, the banks of La Noguera Pallaresa river get full of people who eagerly wait for the brave fluvial knights who descend downstream aboard four rafts.

We’re from the Pallars
A privileged land. Water, gastronomy, traditions, nature... The Pallars region is a paradise of cold, cured and cooked meats. Come and taste our delicious xolís (sausage), made in winter and then cured in natural cellars, the girella (dish made of different parts of lamb) or the cap i pota (veal head and feet). Enjoy one of the water activities in the lake or in the river, go for a mountain trek, discover the trenches and bunkers from the Spanish Civil War, …
In this paradise, the leisure possibilities are endless.

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